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Mindset Mastery

Are there really a series of strategies the super successful use to reach their goals?
In short - YES! - but they are buried deep in your subconscious and will never see the light of day if you follow the recommended path our culture has laid out for you.
Learn the six key techniques that will blow all blockages, hurdles and setbacks away in minutes.
Release the genius within and transform your potential into reality.

Money Mindset Mastery

Turn money into your slave instead of your master by unravelling the mystery of wealth creation. Use this PROVEN plan to permanently alter your money mindset while using our software to eradicate ALL DEBT within 6 years.

Fear Eradication

Fear is the bottom line emotion residing like a brick wall between you and your dreams of health, wealth, happiness and relationships. Imagine being able to find whatever the fear is and eradicate it quickly and easily with ONE process that had a permanent effect. The Fear Eradication Mastery program does that and more.

Universal Principles Of Success

Learn how to be insanely successful while living according to your morals, values and beliefs.
Understand the 7 key paradoxes of success - until you grasp how these apparently opposite (and
therefore mutually exclusive) concepts can both be true at the same time, true success will be oddly elusive.


Emotional Intelligence Mastery

The only proven predictor of future success, Emotional Intelligence is the NUMBER ONE SKILL for those aspiring to get the most out of themselves and others. Being a better mother, building a business, creating the relationship of your dreams or just plain doing the things that are in your best interests all become simple and easy when you know how to change how you feel at will…


Coaching Mastery

Assisting others to reach their goals is one of the most rewarding occupations on the planet. This program turns ‘facilitating growth’ into a paint by numbers operation with minimum stress and maximum results.


Release 2018


Personality Profiling Mastery

Being able to read people at a glance is just the tip of the iceberg that this course makes possible. In easy to understand steps, you’ll learn how to persuade and influence others because you can speak their language, making them feel like you ‘get them’. A must do program if you are going to work with others.


Release October 2017


Communication Mastery

The entire playbook on how to speak like a pro and be consistently, easily understood regardless of whether you are talking to the kids or the board room. This course turns you from an amateur into an artist.


Release 2018


Stress Mastery

This ‘gold standard’ stress management program takes you from stress monkey to cool, calm and collected regardless of the circumstances. No matter where you are or what you are doing - these processes and techniques make you the calm at the centre of the storm.


Release 2018


High Performance Mastery

The goal of every elite athlete, business mogul, artist or fitness guru is the result created by optimum functioning. That means knowing how to get into the high performance zone, staying motivated and overcoming procrastination. This program contains a rarely taught FORMULA that will take you to the summit of your own potential.


Release October 2017


Entrepreneurial Mindset Mastery

Step into the world of making money by thinking smarter. This program is a step by step system for turning your intelligence and thinking power into your greatest asset. This is the course you wish they taught at school!!


Release 2018

Self Esteem Mastery

Self Esteem Mastery

High self esteem is absolutely essential for success. This is a practical, powerful crash course in elevating self esteem. Follow our step-by- step processes to transform yourself into a confident person with unshakeable belief in yourself.


Release November 2017

Our Most Popular Training

Overcoming Fear

In this online training we show you how to track down any kind of fear - from speaking in public, to heights, to brooding anxiety and even full blown phobias.
Then we show you how to eradicate them - quickly and easily.
That by itself is awesome. But you should know - every subconscious blockage to success has a fear sitting at the bottom of it. You’ll learn how to track them down and annihilate them -

Millionaire Mindset Secrets

High school maths is all that's required to work out where you’d be now if you had 10% of every dollar you’ve ever earned.
With the right mindset we’d all be retired and living off our investments by the time we were 45.
This online training explains how to shift your money mindset so that abundance (in everything) becomes your day-to- day, real life experience. It contains no get rich quick schemes - but is packed with money mindset shifting techniques and processes. You’ll learn how to turn money into your slave, rather than your master.

Universal Principles of Success

Ever wondered why you’re great at some things, but the same natural ability fails to show up in other areas?
After 32 years as a high performance trainer, Paul has worked out the keys to success by studying life’s paradoxical truths. Without this unique perspective there will always be something missing,
even the highest level of achievement.
In this training Paul explains how you can be insanely successful while living according to your morals, beliefs and values.

Our Bestselling Books


Fearless: Mastering the Monster

In his newest book Paul explains how regular people can transform any fear into excitement, energy and exuberance to do the very thing they were afraid of.

Reading Fearless you will learn six separate fear eradication techniques, how to find unspoken fears, how to help others overcome their fears and exactly how to turn fear into excitement.

You will also learn to gain personal confidence, clarity and power, how to move past limiting subconscious blockages, how to understand fear so clearly that it becomes your servant and how to turn blockages into opportunities.

When you order a copy of Fearless you will also receive 3 bonus advanced video trainings with Paul.

Resolving the Money Riddle: How I Went From Sweet FA to $10 Million A Year in 18 Months

Paul shares his personal story - how a regular guy blew his 20 year old business out of the water by changing nothing but his mindset.

Learn why mindset and wealth are inseparable, how to become totally debt free in 6 years or less, how to graduate from working for your money to your money working for you and how to start a business with a 90% chance of success.

The book also covers how to see opportunities that were previously beyond your confidence level, the rules for getting into business without stock, staff or premises, the simple process that turns leads into customers IMMEDIATELY, how to turn adversity into opportunity and the simple methods we used to triple our business in less than a month using the same products, sources and leads.

When you purchase a copy of Resolving the Money Riddle you will also receive 3 bonus advanced video trainings with Paul.


Beyond Success: Why Everything You Have Ever Dreamed Of Wont Be Enough

Learn how anyone can get the mindset shift they need to reach all of their goals and targets, how and why your brain works part time and what to do to change that, the only technique successful in changing habits, how to build unstoppable self esteem and the brain training secrets of the ultra successful.

You will also learn how to turn difficulties into opportunities, the strategies that create and maintain mindset mastery and how to have more, do more and be more.

When you order a copy of Beyond Success you will also receive 3 bonus advanced video trainings
with Paul.