You Made Today’s Money Last Year

Really, money’s a result.

What makes us say that?

Well, think about it this way. How much you weigh is a result. Illness is a result. Having a great job is a result.

So, everything’s a result of what we did before.

So, wealth creation is a result of the way you think and what you do.

Obviously, if you want to lose some weight you’ve got to go on a diet. You’ve got to change what you eat.  You’ve got to change your exercise program.

And the result will be that you will lose the weight.

Same with money.

You’ve got to have a program of actions that you plan to take to increase your wealth. But you’ve also got to change the programming in here (points to the mind) that is creating the result that you’ve got already. You’ve got to turn inwards not outwards. Only half the story is out there about what you do. The rest is in here (points inside).

So, go through those beliefs that you picked up from people that, you know, loved you and cared about you. But really were just propagating their beliefs on you as if they were facts. And get rid of those beliefs.