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Everything you know about personal and professional success has changed, and changed dramatically.

| Self-Coaching Secrets Revealed |

Come to This Exclusive Event & Learn My Trade Secrets…

This is definitely the craziest, most off the wall, totally mind altering, completely life changing, bizarre move that I have ever made.

I’m doing a spill all the beans, reveal everything, complete exposure of my previously secret coaching skills and techniques.

YEP! - the processes and techniques I personally use to fundamentally change lives.

The ones that have worked - Reliably, Quickly, Easily, Painlessly…for decades.

Why would I show you everything I have used to become a coach to the coaches?


We are frighteningly close to a world where the only jobs for humans will be the ones the robots cant do.

(They are already driving cars, vacuuming floors, making perfect coffees, piloting ships across the ocean, building houses in day, performing surgery, delivering food, managing vast farms…)

Without the ability to change on the fly, to morph into who you need to be, to quickly learn what’s new and implement it - your ‘employ-ability’ drops through the floor.

I'm calling that ability


It will be the new buzz word within 18 months. Two years from today it will be on the front page of your resume in capital letters.

Can I Teach You To Be A Kick Arse Self-Coach?

You already know I’m the coach to the coaches. So the short answer is


A much better question is… 

Could you use my secrets to hit your life out of the park?

Well, you have to qualify so here’s the quick quiz…

  1. Do you know you could do more if you knew more?
  2. Do you know all the answers are inside yourself? 
  3. Are you keen to learn how to better use your mind, your talent and your energy?
  4. Do you know that there is something that you don't know yet and are searching for it?

The truth is, - I’ve actually trained hundreds & hundreds of stellar coaches. 

People who have quietly gone out and permanently changed lives for the better.

What’s not common knowledge is that  30% of them - only ever wanted my secrets for their own personal use.  

They had no intention of ever becoming a coach.

They taught me about Self-Coaching.

Now I’m ready to teach YOU how to coach yourself to greatness.

If you’d like to be able to turn your brick walls into staircases - self coaching is for you.

If you had my personal playbook in your hot little hands do you think you could turn the knowledge, the systems and the techniques within it - into massive, outrageous, personal success?

Of course you could - but there’s an issue we need to address.

I’m talking about you becoming your own coach using my systems, & we all know that better than 90% of people are crap at self-accountability.

What Are The Benefits of Self Coaching?

(What will you be able to do - that you can’t now?)

Save BIG Money

Good coaches are worth every cent they get.

Therefore, you are going to save at least that much - every year for the rest of your life.

At a minimum, that would be $12,000/yr.

Make BIG Money

With superior Self Coaching skills, you will automatically make better quality decisions with your finances.

You’ll avoid the common money management pitfalls and build a reliable wealth creation strategy that will get your money working for you rather than you working for it.

This is a classic reversal of the slave & master situation most people find themselves in.

Save Massive Amounts Of Time

Once you know the Self-Coaching skills and techniques - you’ll be able to anticipate the three BIG hurdles every project in life will deliver.

If fore-warned is fore-armed - this is a Godsend.

It will save you countless hours of frustration - providing a pathway through difficulties that will have previously halted all progress.

Smoothly Speed Through Rough Water

Between now and the time you die there will inevitably be some hurdles, barriers and very testing times. With the Self Coaching skills at your fingertips - they will be turned into events that strengthen you rather than use up energy and end up draining you.

That one concept - is a total game changer…

Clear The Path For Your Loved Ones

Right now - know someone who could use a leg up and your best efforts have not born fruit. Knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it, how long to say it for… and when to shut up…

These are skills that transform the lives of your children, your spouse, your friends…

Smash Your Big Goals In Life

Remember - people only pay me $50K/yr because they expect to get waaaaay more than that back as a consequence of the help I deliver. Then they come back for another year or two… They only do that if the process is working.

You can expect the same results form the same techniques.

Reaching your personal goals and targets will give you the opportunity to wonder why you set them so small…

Use A Proven System

Anything without a documented, measurable system is just an idea. My Self Coaching system has been working for decades. Its been proven in the trenches and at the coal face. Using it will put you on a golden pathway where many others have walked before you and cleared the way.

Principles Vs Techniques

My Self Coaching method  has many techniques contained within it. They are effective and useful but they will change over the years.

Genuine, deep seated, permanent change is delivered when we truly understand the principles that under a technique.

A principle isn't a principle if it doesn’t hold true regardless of the circumstances of it’s use.

My Self Coaching System is exactly that.

Thirty two years of relentless trial and testing to see what actually works for thousand of people - over and over.

What's on offer?

In one power packed 3 day workshop I’ll teach you everything there is to know about being a great coach. 

My Principles.

My Techniques.

My Processes.

My Sequences.

My Systems.

My Methods

…I’ll even teach you how I think!

I’ll be aiming at turning you into a white hot coach - so that you can do the previously impossible and coach yourself to the life of your dreams.

What's It Going To Cost?

ONE: It’s not a cost - it’s an investment.

TWO: The first 50 people are the only ones who get in.

THREE: This is a pilot group. Part of your fee is a frank & fair testimonial.

FOUR: (better read this twice…) It’s just $497 per head.

Yep! - That’s no misprint. 

This is a once only offer for a pilot group. The fee is minimal because we are more interested in testimonials than anything else.

But lets be clear - I’m not offering a bag of lollies or a magic money tree.

Just a bunch of secrets that have never let me down.

They won’t let you down either - only YOU can do that.

There are only 50 seats so grab yours now.

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