Meet Your Greatest Critic & Biggest Supporter!

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I wanna talk about your greatest fan… or your greatest critic. And that of course comes from that chatter that we hear all day, every day.

So, self-talk gets to be one of the most powerful influences over you that there is. Not because, self-talk happens to come from a genius, or an idiot, but because it’s so constant.

Now… this constant thing. Just think about it for a moment. If you are convicted of some horrible crime in court, and the punishment was to be sentenced to be followed around by somebody whose constantly nagging at you saying: “Don’t do it like that”; “ah look out, watch out”; “ah you’re gonna trip over”; “ah you’re hopeless”; “ah you shouldn’t do that”; “ah God you’re ugly”; “ah you’re too fat”; “ah you’re gonna mess-up”; “blah, blah, blah blah”…

Sooner or later you’d turn around, and shoot that person.
So perhaps we’ve gotta shoot the self talk.

So the fact of the matter is, you’re not really gonna stop that constant chatter. Of course, mediation might slow it down, and that would be a great thing.

But really, self talk, you’ve got to modify it.

So when you find yourself being critical, it’s time for you to put an end to that. Now maybe you’ve been critical of yourself for quite some time before you notice. But when it comes to it you’ve just got to say to yourself, “Enough of the criticism”; “I’ve heard it, thanks very much”; “You can finish now”.

And switch over to the fan.

What would the fans say? You know, your mom, your dad, someone who cares about you. What they would say about you?

Switch over to that deliberately.

The Red Indians are famous for saying you have to train your thinking.
I’m here to say, you have to train the self-talk.

So, I’ve put some stuff on the screen here that you can say about yourself, instead of what you do say about yourself.