Mastering the Monster

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  • Understand why eating when you aren’t hungry, forgetting to go to the gym, too much to drink (too often?) & even overworking - can be traced back to deep, buried, unrecognised, fears.
  • Overcome a lifelong fear in one session. I know it sounds too good to be true but the proof will be there if you give it a red hot go.
  • Assist others to do the same. You may want to donate your time or charge a fee. Once you have changed a few peoples lives you’ll know that fee or not - you are contributing to a better world.
  • Recognise a buried emotion by reading the signs people display and then quickly help them ease it out of their system with ZERO CONFRONTATION.
  • Quickly and easily eradicate phobias. You may be surprised at how easily this is achieved!
  • Be confident in difficult and perhaps even dangerous circumstances. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear - it is the ability to proceed with the right action despite the presence of fear.
  • Help your kids find their own, inner source of courage enabling them to speak up despite opposition, speak out about their beliefs and tackle the things that seem too big.
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