Create Unstoppable Momentum

FAIR WARNING – parts of this blog are blunt and politically incorrect.
If you believe fairy dust and moon phases influence your life…

…you’d be happier reading a different post than what’s coming up.

Here’s the crap that will fill your inbox for the next 6 – 8 weeks.

How To Launch 2017.
How To Have Your Best Year Ever.
How To Get Through Xmas.
Goal Setting For The New Year

…and countless other totally BS, mythological half truths that won’t stop life getting in your way like it always does.

It makes me want to puke watching seasonal marketers hell bent on convincing you that they have a magic wand.

Don’t worry – they have something for you that will make a unicorn turn up on Valentines Day and at Easter-time a rabbit’s going jump out of a hat.

And you know what?

You’ll even see me offering New Years help to those who need it.

But I want to talk to you now about something most people don’t get – and that is the right kind of help pre Christmas means you hit the ground running in 2017
and you get that extra month I mentioned.

Lets face it – how many New Years Resolutions have you made more than once?

You know the sort of stuff we regurgitate every New Years Eve.

This year I really am going to:

“Get rid of that five kilos I’ve promised to lose 11 years in a row,”
“Take more time out.”
“Make more money in less time.”
“Call mum more often…”

Here’s a dose of brutal reality that might actually make sense to you.

If you really knew how to do that stuff – you’d have done it by now and

You probably DO KNOW how to do it but haven’t found the grunt power to pull it off yet.

So – here’s what most people don’t understand…

If you don’t start in the next week – 2017 is basically over before you know it…

Here’s why.

Sometime soon you’ll fall victim to the rush of “things” that has to happen before the fat guy slips down your chimney. The “rush” means you’ll achieve sweet FA in December.

Assuming he leaves nice stuff under your tree – you’ll eat a weeks worth of food to celebrate.

Most people are actually celebrating that they scraped through another year

Then there’ll be some ‘family’ time.

Did I mention Christmas is number 2 on the list of stressful events beaten only by death of a spouse?

By mid to late January the credit card shock factor gets us back to work needing a rest and feeling like we left this location about a week ago.

Did you know that February 1st is the most popular day of the year for starting a diet?

It’s also the most popular month to go alcohol free.

The sad truth is that most people stagger exhausted into Christmas, launch on New Years Eve and fall over by 10th Jan. Start again on 1st February and eventually get traction a couple off weeks later.

By March they are getting up to speed and desperately looking for the next long weekend.

If you count the December shenanigans that’s three months up in smoke.

This might sound strange but I had an enlightening experience this week that woke me up a bit.

I was invited to do a 90 minute mindset session at an adult learning school.
Typically, I was talking to people used to paying better than $50K/yr for their coaching…

…and I loved it.

I loved it so much I’ve decided I want to help my own small group actually launch into their best year ever with some intensive coaching direct from me.

What will that look like?

We’ll start working together from next week. (15th Dec)

That’s because we have to make sure your life is running at full speed like a plane on a runway.

Otherwise it runs the risk of hitting the brick wall called Christmas – before you get “lift off”.

We need to get that plane off the ground (your 2017 goals and targets)
full of momentum and airborne so it rides comfortably above the Christmas debacle most people suffer from.

We’ll keep going until the second week in March.

As far as I can figure that’s 12 weeks.

The plan is to hit cruise altitude in late January….

While the rest of the world is in recovery from failing to jump the Christmas hurdle and amp it all up during February and early March.

That will give you your best 90 days ever and create unstoppable momentum into 2017.

Here’s how I plan to have that paradigm shattering impact on you.

We do an assessment on what you need, where you want the breakthroughs, your strengths and weaknesses, what you want to learn and how you need to be different.

I’ll be talking to you every (work) day for the next 3 months.
Five minutes is all it will take for you to understand your assignment for the day.

I’ll do that via a private Facebook live video transmission that goes directly to your phone. You can watch it while it’s happening or later in the day….

But the idea is you don’t have to concentrate on anything except that one single daily assignment.

They will be small and easily achievable but 60 steps down the road you’ll be unrecognizable.

Once a week we’ll go interactive on a personal level via a webinar that enables me to do some teaching and you to ask whatever questions you have.

That’s you and me talking once a week every week until March 2017

In late January we’ll spend a weekend together over here on the Gold Coast where I teach you my personal transformation systems.

Up close and in each others faces.

We use a sexy new app that’s like a walkie talkie on your phone to talk to each other so I can address my efforts to your specific needs.

We’ll keep going with the daily video assignments, feedback software and weekly webinars through to the second week in March.


Me on your team every day.

We talk personally every week.

We spend a weekend together and you have direct access to me whenever you like through the app.

There’s no question it will be life changing.

This is your chance to get me onto your team in way that has never been possible before.

So here’s my offer to the first 10 smart cookies who want to take it up.

Unique, personalised, coaching from me – delivered to your mobile device daily, along with coaching lessons every week, a weekend away with me and a breakthrough piece of technology that let’s us both know how you are travelling on a daily basis so that you cant get off track.

I’m serious about only 10 people though so you have to jump on your bike now.

But fair warning:

You’ll need to apply to be one of those ten people because I want to be certain that we are both on the same page.

Also you should understand that we need to talk one on one after the application and before we get started because we want it all happening before 2017 gets away from us. It’s urgent that you scroll down the page and apply now.

Yes it’s rare, its unique, its cutting edge technology, its in short supply and it’s mind-blowingly powerful.

Time to take action because 2017 actually starts next week.

Click the apply now button.

It will open up the application form and you can just follow the instructions.